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Kids at the forge

Your session will be led by one of our fun, engaging coaches who will be with you for your entire experience to help coach, correct and entertain!


All sessions will begin with a safety briefing as well as a run down of which end of the axe is the pointy one and how to make that pointy end stick into the target so make sure you're on time!

Once the boring (but important) stuff is out of the way we will grab you some axes and you'll jump into the lanes where you will have the time to practice your technique on our end-grain wooden targets.


From there you will compete against your party in a range of games to see who emerges from the forge, a tempered weapon, ready for battle, the ultimate viking!

We also welcome spectators and those too young to throw as well! Kids under 14 will have a ball playing with our plastic targets and axes.

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